The characteristics of data center generators

Thanks to the technological advances of the last decades, we live in the age of digitalization. The growth and globalization of the Internet, computer structures and knowledge, and the development of new information and communication technologies have brought us to a time when most of the information is produced and stored informatically.


Grupel generators for residential use

Even in places where the mains power is well structured and accessible, there are factors such as bad weather, maintenance and construction works that can lead to power supply failures and cause several activities and processes to cease, even if temporarily.


Does renewable energy also require the support of generators?

Renewable energy, which comes from natural resources that renew themselves unlimitedly (the sun, wind or water), are growing year after year. The cost reduction in the installation, the availability of access to these resources, and the growing concern for the environment have led many people and businesses to choose this type of energy system.