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UPS Vertiv Liebert EXS

Liebert-EXS - from 10 to 80kVA - The new Liebert EXS is a monolithic UPS without transformers, which has exceptional characteristics for critical applications. Its exceptional efficiency of double conversion up to 96.2% provides a remarkable improvement in economic costs, reducing both the total cost of ownership (TCO) and the impact on the environment. Liebert EXS is perfect for both IT installations and other critical applications such as transportation, emergency lighting and anti-panic lighting, healthcare, retail and government facilities. For more information click here

UPS Vertiv Liebert-EXL-S1

Liebert-EXL-S1 - from 100kW to 1200kW - Liebert EXL S1, the new generation of 80-NET UPS, provides unsurpassed performance for medium-sized data centers as a result of proven results, large base of successful installed systems and more than 10 years of experience with 80-NET technology. The Liebert EXL S1 can work with both standard VRLA and new Li-ion batteries, adapting to all possible demands in terms of life, lifespan and TCO and showing exceptional flexibility. For more information click here

UPS Vertiv Liebert-Trinergy – Cube

Liebert-Trinergy Cube - from 150kW to 3.4 MW - Liebert® Trinergy ™ CUBE provides unmatched maximum efficiency of 99.5%, thus reducing operating costs to a minimum. The latestgeneration of IGBT and use of three-level NPC2 rectifier and inverter topology. The choice of compact modular cores of 200kW and 400kW enables a low start-up investment with the ability to increase power as your business grows. The Liebert Trinergy Cube is the only block on the market that provides "hot" adaptability from 150 kW to 3.4 MW in one UPS, which provides significant electrical infrastructure and space saving. In addition, high-density power up to 200 kW or 400 kW of the core allows customers to maximize the number of shelves and servers located in their data center, thus providing more space for IT equipment. For more information click here

UPS Vertiv Liebert® GXT5

Liebert-GXT5 750VA-20kVA - from 750VA to 20kVA - Vertiv UPS ™ Liebert® GXT5 is an on-line double-conversion UPS solution that offers first-class protection against power outages. The single-phase Liebert GXT5 UPS operates with high energy efficiency, making it ideally suited for critical infrastructure protection. It is compact and suitable for installation in communication cabinets. The UPS System is easy to implement and maintain due to the user-oriented LCD interface and remote control options. For more information click here