Technical design and consulting

NEXT LEVEL ENGINEERING is an engineering company that can offer complete infrastructure solutions on a turnkey basis.
NEXT LEVEL ENGINEERING will provide you with the highest level project management, including a team of extremely experienced specialists, observing all the requirements and combinations of each critical infrastructure that we will deliver, install and support for you!

– Diesel generators
– UPS systems;
– Precise air conditioning;
– Industrial batteries;
– Rectifiers;
– Voltage regulators;
– Surge protection;
– Object Management Systems (BMS).
– Communication and server racks and cabinets;
– Electric and structural cabling;
– COLD ISLE and HOT ISLE CONTANMENT – separation of hot and cold zones;

Delivery and installation

For the realization and maintenance of your project “NEXT LEVEL ENGINEERING” will provide:

Organizing the project – highly qualified manager and associates to monitor and organize the necessary activities.

Technical department, consisting of highly experienced and trained by the manufacturer of the given equipment – electrical and mechanical engineers, electrical technicians, HVAC technicians and mechanics.

Technical support and guarantee

We will offer you:
– preventive service activities;
– diagnostics and problem solving;
– Repairs,
– Availability of a wide range of spare parts in stock;

Each employee is fully equipped with everything necessary – Service vehicles, mobile phones, staff and appropriate equipment.

HELP DESK – customer center that works 24 x 7 for:
– Accepting telephone calls;
– Help by phone and first level of assistance;
– Response in case of failure – with fixed hours for reaction and problem solving;

In addition, we will provide you with an administrative team for:
– Creating a database, processing information and data on the current state of the equipment, as well as the performed activities;
– Creating and proposing technical and economic proposals for improving the installations.


NEXT LEVEL ENGINEERING – offers a wide range of gasoline and diesel generator sets for rent, with available power from 5 to more than 200kVA.
The generators we offer are characterized by their reliability, durability and low noise levels.
We will provide any need for temporary or permanent supply of electricity to a variety of facilities and needs – construction sites, hospitals, schools, production bases, houses, events and much more.

NEXT LEVEL ENGINEERING provides complete engineering to ensure flawless operation, including:
– transport, delivery, installation and dismantling to and from any location,
– 24/7 service team,
– Delivery and installation in accordance with the specification of the necessary electrical distribution boards and power cables,
– Delivery and replacement of necessary consumables and spare parts,
– Refueling;
– Versatile and preferential prices, for rent within different periods, week, month or year.