Ensuring the proper operation of devices in any room where sensitive equipment is installed, such as servers, routers and data storage devices, is of outmost importance! This type of equipment emits heat 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, due to which the basic and key condition is to ensure proper and precise controlled temperature and humidity in the room.

To provide the necessary micro-climate in the data center, server room, hospital, production plant, etc. , We will provide you with the full range of precision air conditioners of the world leader in this field VERTIV LIEBERT EMERSON NETWORK POWER.

With our equipment you will get efficient and reliable solutions for heat management and humidity control, tailored to your specific size, location and business goals. Your mission critical facilities need the best in precision cooling, and we will deliver this with the most advanced equipment and control in the industry, with low operating costs and unmatched expertise.

Air conditioning of DATA CENTERS and server rooms

Air conditioning of Telecommunication Rooms and Base Stations

Products developed for cooling in remote locations and base stations. Compact, light and precision air conditioners with different options, high energy efficiency and redundancy, as well as FREECOOLING (free cooling).